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Fri July 6th GFB Acoustic (GF, Tom Leary, Alan Glen) on the bill with Steeleye Span - St Edith Folk, St Edith Hall, High Street, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, TN15 6NA  
Fri June 15th 2018 GFB Electric (GF, Alan Glen, Tom Leary, Derek White, Sam Kelly, Steve Simpson) - Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury Music  
Sun July 22nd 2018 GFB Electric (GF, Tom Leary, Alan Glen, Andy Billups. Sam Kelly, Nick Ritchie) - Ealing Blues Festival, Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W5 5HS -  
Sunday 5th August 2018 GFB (GF, Tom Leary, Derek White, Sam Kelly, Nick Ritchie) - Wickham Festival, nr Fareham, Hants  
Fri 10th August 2018 GFB (GF, Tom Leary, Alan Glen, Derek White, Sam Kelly, Nick Ritchie) - The Great British Beer Festival, Olympia  
2018/19 and beyond There are more gigs in the pipeline and will appear above once finalised. The Blues Band, the British Blues Allstars (BBAS), and one or two other acts that I play with from time to time take up much of any given year. However I am interested in doing more solo/duo and GFB gigs so if you are looking to book a festival/club lineup etc do get in touch.  


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