The Gary Fletcher Band (GFB) has had 3 principal line-ups that have played with Gary since it's inception.

Firstly playing in a semi acoustic guise it consisted of Gary playing acoustic guitar, Rob Townsend on congas, Jack Fletcher on bass and John Evans on lead guitar.

The second incarnation, playing in a more electric form consisted of Gary playing acoustic guitar and electric slide, Pick Withers on drums, Steve Ling on lead guitar and Jack fletcher on bass once again.

More recently the line up has been Gary playing acoustic, slide, banjo, and ukelele, Dave Kelly's son Sam Kelly on drums, Steve Simpson on lead guitar, Tom Leary on violin and Jack Fletcher on bass.

A further variation is a purely acoustic line-up comprising Gary playing various acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin and ukelele, Hughie Flint on djembe and bodhran, Alan Glen on harmonica, Tom Leary on violin and, sometimes, Jack Fletcher on bass.

The GFB has also benefited from other fine players joining the line-up from time to time - old friend Bernie Marsden stepped in for the band in Southport on one occasion whilst Tom McGuinness sat in with the band at the Eel Pie Club. Mark Feltham has not only featured on GF's albums but has also joined the GFB line-up for shows from time to time.




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