Featuring the guitar, slide, banjo, uke, mandolin and vocal of Gary Fletcher together with the violin, mandolin and slide guitar of Tom Leary, Fletcher Leary play an eclectic selection of acoustic material including contemporary original songs, classic tunes and variations on traditional pieces. Fletcher Leary gives Gary the opportunity to merge into ‘the blues’ his passion for folk, fuelled originally by numerous early Fairport, Fotheringay and Albion Band gigs and albums. Tom Leary is one of the key players in the mighty Feast of Fiddles and now a regular in the current line up of Lindisfarne too. He also features in the Gary Fletcher Band. His impressive past includes, amongst others, Tanna,with Peter Knight and Kevin Dempsey, Little Johnny England and Zeus. His virtuosity on several instruments and in particular the violin has made him a ‘go to’ choice for artists from many different musical persuasions for session work. He’s recently completed work on a soundtrack album for TV’s Midsummer Murders. Together Fletcher Leary perform material which has both musical and lyrical depth but also has a smile on its face.



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